I am 56 years old and love life ! and am engaged to a wonderful man and we have been together for 9 years. I have 1 son who lives in Houston, Texas with his lovely wife and my 2 beautiful grandchildren. I have 1 sister who is sadly disabled. She has Motor Neuron Disease and is paralysed from the neck down. She has had this debilitating illness since 1998. I care very deeply for her and continue to walk this hard, painful journey with her. I would love to one day open up a strung of Care Homes called Mandy in honour of her. Watching your disabled sister struggle every day has been heart breaking but through this I have learnt the art of caring, giving and kindness. To be able to help and be there for those less fortunate than you is a heartwarming experience and exceptionally rewarding. My passion is travelling – I absolutely LOVE IT ! My sport is Golf and because I have such an adventurous, extrovert personality I also love a lot of other things like Boating, Fishing, Cooking, Drinking wine and socialising. The list is so long because I am always willing to try new things and experience new places. I am an extrovert in personality and love bringing out the best in people. My profession at the moment is a Key accounts Manager for a Surgical Equipment company. I have been with them for 14 years. I have vast experience in Sales and Customer service and represent my company by calling on all Hospitals – Private and Provincial throughout the entire Eastern Cape. I work with doctor’s in theatre and am skilled in the sale of Medical Equipment for Trauma, Gynie, Urology, General Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Gastro-Enterology, Ultrasound etc. Prior to being a Surgical Rep I was a Medical Rep for 20 years calling on General Practioners, Pharmacists and Physicians selling Pharmaceutical Drugs. I also have experience in the setting up of Vaccine Clinics and GIT Units. My passion is service and looking after my customers. I love to make a difference in everything that I do and work hard. I love to make people smile ! I am a great organiser and get things done. I am very loyal in business and in my private life and am committed to whatever I sign up for. You will always be able to rely on me. I would say that I am a Spiritual person. I have a genuine passion for seeking out the truth of all things. and placing myself on a sacred path of self discovery. I learn every day and try to live my life with a curious, grateful heart. I believe we can all be kind if we want to be and we can all make a difference in someone’s life if we want to. I Want to make a difference in the world ! I know I can.

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I am a philosopher specialized in philosophy of mind and language. In particular, I am interested in the nature of consciousness, and the way in which we experience and interpret the world. I started my studies at the Central University of Venezuela in 2006, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy (2011) and a master’s degree in logic and philosophy of science (2015). In 2012, the university offered me a position as a professor of philosophy and I taught several courses there until 2017, when I enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Genoa, Italy. I have also published several papers in philosophy journals and participated in various international events. In 2020, while writing my PhD thesis, I realized that I had been immersed in philosophy for too long and decided to use my experience to rejoin the real world. In my years studying philosophy, I have learned many things, but the most important is that the world is what we make of it, there is not ultimate truth, no final word. We create our reality. Knowledge has somehow separated us from others and nature, perhaps it can also reunite us. Although I was born in Venezuela, my family is a blending of different nationalities and traditions. I have lived and studied in different countries, which are all part of who I am and what I want to be. My actions define me, not my nationality or my origins. I do not believe in borders or limits; they are only in our minds. The sensation of not belonging can be liberating, once we realize that, by not belonging somewhere, we belong everywhere. I speak three languages (Spanish, English, and Italian) and I enjoy learning from other cultures, as well as transmitting the values of my own. I also enjoy music, sports and nature.

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Les abeilles font partie de notre famille depuis 1978, quand Marie-Claude Dupuis et Claude Desrochers font l’acquisition de leur première ruche à Ferme-Neuve dans les Hautes-Laurentides. Au fil des années, ils ont su nous insuffler le désir de reprendre le cheptel familial et de créer les Miels d’Anicet au tournant de l’an 2000. L’aventure pouvait commencer. Qui sommes-nous? Des fous furieux du miel, des artisans de la terre, des épicuriens, des curieux qui considèrent le métier d’apiculteur comme un mélange parfait entre l’entomologie, la biologie et la botanique. Mais encore, un couple qui adore leur métier, les abeilles et la bonne vie en bonne compagnie. Né dans une ruche, Anicet voue un amour profond à cet insecte fantastique et cette science qu’est l’apidologie. Il est aussi habité par le désir de contribuer à la survie des abeilles en renversant naturellement leur taux de mortalité par la sélection et la reproduction de reines rustiques adaptées à leur environnement. Au quotidien, il veille à la santé de nos colonies et fait rayonner son expertise à l’international afin de faire avancer la science apicole. Au-delà du miel qu’elle produit, l’abeille joue un rôle essentiel de pollinisatrice et de gardienne de notre environnement. Habités par un amour indéfectible envers ces gardiennes de notre biodiversité, nous plaçons leur survie au cœur de notre pratique d’apiculture. C’est pourquoi nous explorons les quatre coins de la planète, avides de mille et une découvertes gustatives, soucieux de poser des gestes significatifs et d’acquérir de nouveaux outils de perfectionnement. De retour à Ferme-Neuve, chaque expérience teinte à sa manière notre façon de créer. Élevage de reines avec génétique rustique, production de miels sauvages de grande qualité, développement de produits gourmands et corporels, restauration saisonnière : toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour valoriser les produits de la ruche et faire rayonner la culture du miel au Québec. Bees have been part of our family since 1978, when Marie-Claude Dupuis and Claude Desrochers acquired their first hive at Ferme-Neuve in the Hautes-Laurentides. Over the years, they have instilled in us the desire to take over the family stock and create Miels d'Anicet at the turn of the year 2000. The adventure could begin. Who are we? Mad people mad about honey, artisans of the earth, epicureans, curious people who consider the profession of beekeeper as a perfect mix between entomology, biology and botany. But still, a couple who adore their profession, the bees and the good life in good company. Born in a beehive, Anicet has a deep love for this fantastic insect and the science of apidology. It is also inhabited by the desire to contribute to the survival of bees by naturally reversing their mortality rate through the selection and reproduction of hardy queens adapted to their environment. On a daily basis, he ensures the health of our colonies and promotes his expertise internationally in order to advance beekeeping science. Beyond the honey it produces, the bee plays an essential role of pollinator and guardian of our environment. Inhabited by an unwavering love for these guardians of our biodiversity, we place their survival at the heart of our beekeeping practice. This is why we explore the four corners of the planet, eager for a thousand and one taste discoveries, anxious to take meaningful action and acquire new development tools. Back at Ferme-Neuve, each experience tints our way of creating in its own way. Queen breeding with rustic genetics, production of high quality wild honeys, development of gourmet and bodily products, seasonal catering: all occasions are good to promote beehive products and promote the culture of honey in Quebec.

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The Natural Beekeeping Trust was formed in 2009 in response to the need for an alternative approach to the care of bees. The key aims of the trust are disseminate information about bee-centred, natural beekeeping, develop new understandings and ways of relating to the bee that work with the natural behaviour of the creature rather than the enforced and stressful behaviour seen in conventional, chemical-dependent, beekeeping. The Natural Beekeeping Trust is delighted to be collaborating with partner organisations in Turkey, Holland and Macedonia on a two-year international sustainable beekeeping project funded by Erasmus+. We will document existing practices that​ focus on sustainable and bee-centred husbandry during field visits in partner countries, and will develop online resources and training opportunities for beekeepers and farmers. The Trust is governed by the UK Charity Commission, with which it is registered as a not for profit organisation. We encourage attention to the real nature of bees, their nesting preferences, their forage needs and their all-encompassing purpose. We hope to inspire people to live in peace with the bees, be good hosts to them, guard them and grow for them, in all ways imaginable.

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As a bee sponsor, you will get an insight into the fascinating world of honeybees and with your contribution you will help stop the global bee deaths. By adopting a bee colony sponsorship, you are helping to ensure the pollination of useful and wild plants. You will get an insight into the fascinating world of honeybees and with your contribution you will help to stop the worldwide bee deaths. We document your bee sponsorship with a personal sponsorship certificate! As a thank you for your sponsorship, your people will give you 3 jars of honey (500 grams each) per year. We send the honey together with the sponsorship certificate CO2-neutral directly to your home. So that you always stay up to date, you will receive an email every month with information and photos on the development status of your bee colony, recipes with honey and craft ideas. You are welcome to experience your bees up close with a visit to the apiary. For 49 euros a year (including shipping costs in Germany) you can sponsor a colony of bees. The bee sponsorship ends automatically after one year. If you wish to extend your sponsorship, just let us know. The proceeds from our bee sponsorships ensure species-appropriate and sustainable beekeeping. In addition, we support projects to protect wild and honey bees. The death of insects has now reached dramatic proportions: every third species of insect is endangered or extinct according to the nationwide Red List . Monotony determine our cultural landscape more and more. Unfortunately there is no space for insects and other animal species. We have set ourselves the goal of actively promoting biodiversity in our region. We want to offer wild bees, butterflies and other animal and insect species a habitat , because they not only play an important role as pollinators in our ecosystems. With your help we can give something back to nature and let our environment blossom again. To do this, we remove areas that are used intensively for agriculture at suitable locations from conventional cultivation and sow a regionally adapted flowering plant mixture. This is how we create flowering meadows rich in species and sustainably promote biodiversity in the region . Not only does it create a habitat for wild bees , butterflies and many other insects, but also a structured retreat for other animal species.

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Join us as we escape the rat race of South East England and settle into farm life in Central Portugal. We are Ken & Gina and we started the OKportugal Youtube channel back in 2019 when we decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the UK for a quieter life on a farm in Central Portugal. We now live on an amazing 3.5 hectare farm along with our cats, Nanook & Mecho and our two dogs, DogDog and Mimosa. Our journey began back in the UK, in September 2019, where we sold our house, packed all of our belongings and drove across Europe to Portugal in our campervan Bob along with our animals. We moved into a lovely rental house, high up in the Serra da Estrela mountains, meeting many friendly and generous locals and spent the next few months searching for our dream farm. In December 2019 we moved into our dream farm during Portugal's worst storm in a decade. We have had many trials and tribulations along the way and have documented them all in our Sunday weekly vlogs for our subscribers to enjoy.

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Moglie, madre, nonna, Paola Thaon di Revel ama i fiori e la natura. L'eredità è il suo background. È cresciuta in una famiglia dove la disciplina militare era un dato di fatto, così come la voglia di divertirsi. Sei sorelle e un fratello, in una grande villa chiamata “Cimena”, dove molti sono venuti in visita: da Umberto I, agli americani colti, ai vicini Bruni Tedeschi sulla stessa collina. Una vita dedicata al marito, Franco Reviglio e ai tre figli con tanti spostamenti e viaggi, in tutto il mondo. Oggi, i sette nipoti e la casa di campagna, regalano giornate intensamente soddisfacenti. Wife, mother, grandmother, Paola Thaon di Revel loves flowers and nature. Heritage is her background. She grew up in a family where military discipline was a given, as well as the desire to have fun. Six sisters and one brother, in a large villa called “Cimena”, and everyone came to visit: from Umberto I, to educated Americans, to the Bruni Tedeschi neighbours on the same hill. A life dedicated to her husband, Franco Reviglio and the three children with many moves and travels, all over the world. Today, the seven grandchildren and country house, make for intensely satisfying days.

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Die GLS Bank ist in Deutschland die Refernz für sozial und ökologisches Banking. Wer bei der GLS Bank Kunde ist, kann sich sicher sein, dass sein Geld dazu beiträgt die Zukunft zu gestalten, die wir uns alle wüsnchen. Investitionen gehen in eigens sehr strickt aufgelegte Fonds welche das 1.5°C Ziel bereits erfüllen. Keine Kinderarbeit, keine Waffen, kein Genforschung oder andere negativ Themen - sondern erneuerbare Energien, Soziales und Kultur, ökologische Landwirtschaft, Ernährung, nachhaltige Wirtschaft und weitere positiv beitragende Vorhaben werden ausschließlich unterstützt. Als Kunde bei der Bank trägt man dazu bei, dass ausschließlich diese positiven Projekte gefördert werden. Der strickte Zuspruch zu sozial und ökologischen Projekten wird bei allen Produkten, die ein Kunde von seiner Bank kennt (Baugredite, Firmenkredite, Altersovrsorge, Anlagen, Investitionen etc) unabweichlich eingehalten. Privatpersonen, Firmen und Vereine werden darüber hinaus aktiv unterstützt ihrn eigenen Impact zu verbessern. Die GLS Bank ist eine Universal-Bank, bei welcher man nahezu alle Finanzdienstleistungen in Anspruch nehmen kann - jedoch immer unter einer strickten sozial, ökologischen und nachhaltigen Perspektive. Die Bank ist überwiegend in Deutschland tätig. Es können alle Dienste online wahrgenommen werden und es gibt mehrere Filialen für den persönlichen Besuch. Desweiteren besticht die Bank durch Ihre Rechtsform, die Genossenschaft. Die mitgleiderbestimmte Gesellschaftsform ist darauf gegründet in Gemeinschaft einen gesellschaftlich positiven Beitrag zu leisten. Mit der GLS Bank gibt es keinen Bedarf mehr als Privatperson sowie Firma bei einer konventionellen Bank zu sein und indirekt Umweltvernichtende Projekte zu unterstützen. Die GLS Bank bietet den vollumassenden Banken-Service mit reinem und ehrlichem guten Gewissen. Klimaschutz kann so einfach sein: Werde jetzt Mitglied bei der GLS Bank. The GLS Bank is the reference for social and ecological banking in Germany. Anyone who is a customer of GLS Bank can be sure that their money will help shape the future that we all want. Investments are made in specially designed funds that already meet the 1.5 ° C target. No child labor, no weapons, no genetic research or other negative topics - only renewable energies, social affairs and culture, ecological agriculture, nutrition, sustainable economy and other positively contributing projects are exclusively supported. As a customer at the bank, you help ensure that only these positive projects are funded. The strict encouragement to social and ecological projects is inevitably complied with for all products that a customer knows from their bank (building loans, corporate loans, old-age provision, systems, investments, etc.). Private individuals, companies and associations are also actively supported to improve their own impact. The GLS Bank is a universal bank, where you can take advantage of almost all financial services - but always under a strict social, ecological and sustainable perspective. The bank operates predominantly in Germany. All services can be used online and there are several branches for personal visits. Furthermore, the bank impresses with its legal form, the cooperative. The member-determined form of society is based on making a socially positive contribution in community. With the GLS Bank, there is no longer any need to be a private person or company with a conventional bank and indirectly support environmentally damaging projects. GLS Bank offers the full banking service with a clear and honest good conscience. Climate protection can be so easy: become a member of GLS Bank now.

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Hans-Juergen Wiegand is a man who lives his work passions and family, with determination. A philanthropist, who has held important positions in the chemical and automotive world, in particular with Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz). He loves to travel, attaining knowledge and experience from different cultures. These experiences have shaped him, with a particular acumen in recognizing the best in human beings. Hans thrives on helping young people, to realize their dreams, as he has realized his own. Hans is an inspirational leader, with the competence to restructure and transform organizations. He is very flexible with people, and stands like a rock when it comes to principles. Whatever happens, he will always stay positive.

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Been there, done that... doing it all over again! Herby, a product of South Africa, vintage '63, Internaut since '82. Roaming the world since the age of 23 to date. Jack of all trades, master of none. Techie, pilot, nomad. Can travel~live~work, anywhere. Global village citizen, living without boundaries, my primary passions are aviation, the sea and Ubuntu Synergy. I am, because we are. Together. We create unity, foster community, motivate affiliates to generate residual revenue, and facilitate networking events. It's time to LIVE your life! My mission is to help people from all walks of life, gain financial independence, while caring for the world around us. I believe charity begins at the cash register. Just say no to donations. Learn how to earn. Make sure you have a meal, an income, clothes, a home and good health. Constantly bombing your mind with books and exercise, are two battles that win the war of longevity. I want to grow old. There is no planet B. I'm a big fan of renewable resources and ethical commerce. Gardens, farming, trees and bees, and anything that carries fleas. Helping our paw-legged friends in shelters, finding furever homes much faster. Same for birds, horses, donkeys, circus prisoners and liberating zoos. Noble causes that need proactive participants. Anyone can help: Scholars, students, employment seekers, those just over broke. Single and stay-at-home parents. Business owners, administrators and managers of any ilk. Retrenched and retired folks who still have much to give. Everyone can become successful super affiliates. Generating residual income is easy, and I will be your guide. With 40+ years in technology, aviation and extensive travel, this digital nomad has a wealth of experience to share. Helping others navigate the fear of failure and proven pathway to success. Point-and-click easy here >> https://herbyolschewski.com/action/worksheet/

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Mandy Shrimpton is the quintessential people’s person. Mandy believes that success is measured by the quality of our human-relationships rather than the results we manifest through sheer will. Mandy firmly established herself as the heart of the non-profit organisation that she co-founded and ran with her adoring husband for 17 years. Mandy loves walking in nature with her family, hugging trees, and preserving the environment. She also enjoys being creative and is particularly fond of painting flowers. As a very happily married and devoted mother to four children, Mandy has cultivated a deep appreciation for the culinary arts and relishes the spare moments she gets to watch her favourite cooking shows. This initiative reflects how Mandy sees the world, helping to create positive synergy. Fostering unity and courteous community, building partner relationships and motivating affiliates. Born and bred in Africa, Mandy understands the concept of Ubuntu. I am, because we are. Together we can make the world a better place. Using her skills and experience to make a difference. Helping others see through the fog of new technologies, avoid common marketing mistakes and develop better business strategies. With a subtle blend of motherhood and effective project management, Mandy is the perfect professional partner, to show others the merits of this initiative. Shining a light on the path to prosperity, while not losing our footing in family values and humble humanity. Sharing is caring, while enriching ourselves spiritually and materially. We cannot give freely, if we don't have. "Sometimes the world makes more sense, through the eyes of a mother. Using protective instinct and family fortitude, to help one another." ~ Mandy Shrimpton

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Villaggio dell’accoglienza (Welcoming village) is the answer for everybody has had anguishing experiences and is forced to live at the margins of society. It is an educational space that through the testimony of given life and laboratory activities allows a path to rehabilitation and re-integration. The production activities: Thanks to the wonderful area of Lunigiana that touches Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna they have developed activities connected to apiculture. Il Pungiglione have more than 1000 families of bees and hive products from organic agriculture (propolis, royal jelly, wax) and become a specialized pole able to provide complex services to farmers: wax factory for wax making and wax sheets, wood working that produce beekeeping equipment, consortium honey factory for all the activities connected to honey production and sale. In order to show the extraordinary Villaggio dell’Accoglienza social project Il Pungiglione offers to visitors a new hostel with restaurant and a educational farm agreement with Tuscany Region and many others authorities at national level. We work with respect for nature: all the production activities of the Village exploit alternative energy thanks to the photovoltaic system. Pungiglione’s products are organic, certified by Bioagricert authority. The jewel of the crown of the production is represented by Honey Dop of Lunigiana, the first in Italian honey that obtained the reward, the only one Bio-Dop&Supportive. Boceda was a dynamite factory, abandoned for many years until our arrival. In 1999 the remaining site dedicated to industrial production was composed by some old precarious buildings suffocated by vegetation. We cleaned and restored the buildings. From that period Il Pungiglione assisted a bloom of social recovery, both human and environmental, that we hope to carry on in the future with strength and determination.

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Anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Help take our past into the future. Spread the word and generate revenue. Make heritage your business and earn with your passion for art and culture. ArtAcadia.org is an umbrella organization for everything pertaining to our heritage and respective cultures. Providing a platform for Heritage Ambassadors, to help take our past into the future. We are a passionate community that is compiling a comprehensive global directory and cultural map. Facilitating networking, training, work opportunities, events and marketplace.

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