Without bees there will be no trees, flowers nor food. Every nation needs pollination. No honey, no money. Let’s be smart, and ensure we don’t get stung. Help our busy friends stay alive, and thrive.


Herby OlschewskiAs an early adopter (1982) of the Internet, I realized the information highway was destined to change our lives, in many ways. While mostly positive, there are many negative aspects such as spam, fraud, excessive hype, and flood of advertising. A major disappointment is the deterioration of online etiquette, whereby good manners and common courtesy, have given way to unsavoury behaviour, insults, and anonymous trolling. Not to mention scams and deceit.

This initiative takes a fresh approach. We’ve created a courteous community, 24/7 virtual and local meetups. An online academy with courses for distance learning. A listing directory and localized map. There is also a jobs board, events catalogue and marketplace for quality products and services. Everything bundled into this platform, with no spam, no hype, not MLM, no donations, and zero advertising. We use a revenue sharing business model, working with proactive affiliates.

An ethical way to generate residual revenue, while caring for the wider world around us.


Herby Olschewski – Founder & CEO


Our members benefit from these core components:

  • Courteous community discussion forums. (Like Facebook Groups, without distracting adverts.)
  • Local social networking and 24/7 virtual meetups. (Better Zoom, without the software hassles.)
  • Online academy of courses and workshops. (Think Udemy, but only focused on your interests.)
  • Directory of listings and landing pages. (Priming search engines to boost your website traffic.)
  • Localized map of relevant listings. (Similar to Yelp & Foursquare, but only for our members.)
  • Post jobs and/or look for employment. (Just like Indeed, with better prospects of success.)
  • Events catalogue and centralized calendar. (One convenient resource for relevant events.)
  • Marketplace with merchandise, products and services. (Specifically related to this initiative.)


Our modus operandi and business model explained…

  • The focus of this initiative is generating revenue. We don’t take donations. it’s NOT a charity.
  • Everything we do here is FOR PROFIT. We believe that charity begins at the cash register!
  • We provide various benefits and services, in exchange for reasonable membership fees.
  • The proceeds are used to facilitate this platform, and help various causes, at our discretion.
  • We utilize a revenue share business model, pay-for-performance, single-tier affiliate program.
  • The collective description for this sales channel, working with affiliates, is AFFILIATE MARKETING.


  • This is a standard, single-tier affiliate program, and NOT multi-level-marketing. We are strongly opposed to MLM. Likewise, we do not condone SPAM, and detest sales hype. Transgressing affiliates will be immediately disqualified. We provide ample information and training courses, on how to practice ethical affiliate marketing.
  • This is a business opportunity for proactive individuals and forward-thinking companies. It has nothing to do with Crypto craziness, nor NFT nonsense. We are not a charity and don’t take any donations. There is zero advertising. It’s a FOR-PROFIT business, that sells memberships, in return for quality products and services.

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Our modus operandi and business model explained...


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