Join a courteous community of pro-active people who care about others and the world around us. Meetup virtually and/or locally for social and business networking. Expose your products and services, while acquiring additional skills and broadening your knowledge. Contribute to a global directory of listings and put yourself on the map, literally and figuratively. Looking for work and/or improving your career prospects, or perhaps you want to build a team to further your business. Attend events and/or plan your own showcase. Explore the marketplace and/or offer your products/services to like-minded members. People who identify with this cause and ready to communicate productively. Whatever your reason for being here, it’s only going to happen, if you take action!


Without bees there will be no trees, flowers nor food. Every nation needs pollination. No honey, no money. Let's be smart, and ensure we don't get stung. Help our busy friends stay alive, and thrive.

Charity begins at the cash register!

The traditional way to help causes, is by making donations. However, excess money is harder to find, and donors diminishing. Instead of waiting for handouts, the solution is to generate residual revenue. Learn how to earn!

Charity begins at the cash register!

Help generate residual revenue, while helping others.

Residual Revenue

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A courteous community…

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Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski

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We all wish to help causes financially. However, just like emergency oxygen masks in an airliner, we must first put on a mask for ourselves. Only then, can we assist those around us.” ~

Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski

Been there, done that… doing it all over again!

A product of South Africa, vintage 1963. Internaut since 1982. Roaming the world from the age of 23 to date, learning. Jack of all trades, master of none. Technology nerd & pilot. Digital Nomad. Free to travel~live~work, anywhere.


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